Clarks Bars Slot Machine will lead you to one of the friendliest bars in San Antonio



Sundays with James Butler are B.A.R.E. night with Happy Hour prices and shot specials for all of you hard working bar and restaraunt employees.


$3 Ritas, plus $2.50 Modelo and Negra Modelo


Lone Star and Lone Star Light for $2, and Smirnoff Flavors are $2.50


$1 Bud, Bud Light, and Bud Select. Crazy, right?


$2.50 Pints and Bacardi Flavors (try the new Melon; mmmmmmm...)

Fridays & Saturdays

Fridays we have $2 Tecate and $2.50 Cuervo and Cuervo Flavors; Saturdays are special: depends on the bartenders' mood, usually some premium Vodka or Jack, but sometimes it's something twisted. Never know....

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is every day until seven and includes $2 domestics and $2 well drinks. The daily specials start after HH, except the Friday special, which starts at 10PM.

We also have lunch specials on weekdays and monthly specials that are

Girl bar

This is the most comfortable bar for women. I don't know if it's the hot male bt's who actually take care of us, the girls that work there that are totally chick-friendly, the lack of smoke (high ceilings), or the clean restrooms, but it's a cool place to go with the girls.


We do great parties at the Seagull! We have an upstairs Tiki bar, if you'd like to be exclusive, great party food, and a really cool party environment. Call us at 545-3440 and book a party that will make you the envy of all of your friends.

Fish Pics

Impress your friends! Bring us your fish or beach pictures to hang on our walls!